A curious vehicle…

Life is liking riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

– Albert Einstein

I am not a serious cyclist but I have always loved bike-riding. I can’t remember a time during my childhood when I didn’t have a bike. One of the best birthday presents I ever got was a bike – it was sparkly purple with a banana seat splotched with big flowers, and tassels on the handlebars. I loved that bike.

I have biked down volcanos in Hawaii, through the streets and boulevards of Paris, Berlin and Vienna, across the border from Germany to Austria and through vineyards along the Danube and the Rhine. There is something about being on a bike that just makes me happy.

And now, I am joining the ranks of bike commuters here in Dublin. I am working in a studio three days a week and it is not easy to get there via Dublin’s sub-par-for-a-European-capital public transport system. So, I have been taking a lot of cabs and you know what, cabs are expensive. Also, I am not made of money. So, I bought a bike.

There are a decent number of cyclists in Dublin – not like Amsterdam or Copenhagen mind you, but still, a decent number.  Honestly, I don’t think I could bike in Amsterdam or Copenhagen where the bike traffic is almost as insane as the motor traffic. Here in Dublin, there are enough cyclists to warrant a decent amount of bike lanes and even a bike path every once in a while, but I would definitely stop short of calling it a cyclists’ city. I’ve often lamented the skill of Dublin’s drivers and, as a cyclist in this city, you really do need to be on the defensive.

I am still going to give bike commuting a try though. I’m prepared. I’ve got my helmet and safety vest, I’ve mapped out a route with mostly bike lanes and very few turns, and most importantly, I’ve got a really cute bike.

My super-cute bike. Her name is Katniss, and yes, she volunteers as tribute.

My super-cute bike. Her name is Katniss, and yes, she volunteers as tribute.


2 thoughts on “A curious vehicle…

  1. Sounds like a good plan, Shannon. If the drivers are as crazy there as they are here on Ft Myers Beach be careful….eye contact is good…sorry to sound like a mother, but….it is Mother’Day!!!!!!

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