Let It Snow?

Some people may find this surprising, but I like the weather in Dublin better than the weather in Los Angeles.  In Dublin, it never gets very hot and it never gets very cold. In summer, if the mercury hits 70 that’s considered a heat wave and in the winter it rarely snows.

Snow was actually a big topic of conversation with my work friends in the time leading up to our Christmas break this year.  Most of my co-workers are from Ireland and the UK and, therefore, not used to snow.  Now, being from Buffalo, New York, I grew up with snow – and they seemed to be fascinated by this.  I showed them pictures of what would be considered a “light dusting” at my parents’ house and they couldn’t believe it.

I have never been a fan of snow.  I don’t ski or snow board, and driving in it can be a nightmare.  Sure, we had the beloved snow days when we were kids, but as an adult, not so much.  I didn’t miss the snow when I moved to Florida and California.  And I was pleased to learn that Dublin doesn’t get snow (the freakish winters of a couple years ago notwithstanding).

But my friends’ fascination has made me rethink snow.  Maybe it isn’t so bad after all.  It is kind of pretty, isn’t it?  Now, a white Christmas is not a given in Buffalo.  Winter doesn’t usually kick into high gear until January or February.  But this year, for the first time in a few years if my memory serves, it did snow for Christmas.  And, looking at it with my new found appreciation, I kind of loved it.  It was just so… Christmasy.  It made me smile.  It made me happy.

Now, if I were still going to be in Buffalo in February when the novelty has worn off and the snow is brown and muddy and slushy, I’m sure I’d be singing another tune.  But for these few days, I have enjoyed the snow.  And I don’t think I would have if not for my colleagues.

This is yet another plus of being an ex-pat.  Living somewhere else can help you appreciate what you used to hate.  Seeing something from another’s point of view can give you a new outlook on something familiar and mundane – in this case, the powdery white stuff.  And so I say, at least for now, “Let It Snow!

The view from my bedroom on Christmas Eve.  One friend asked if I lived in Narnia.

The view from my bedroom on Christmas Eve. One friend asked if I lived in Narnia.



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