Ode to an Irish Summer…

It’s a gorgeous Saturday in Dublin today.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and there’s not a drop of rain in sight.  But it is most decidedly a gorgeous FALL day.  The season has definitely shifted here in Ireland.  There’s a crispness in the air.  In the morning, it’s cold enough for me to see my breath when I step outside.  I’m not sure if the leaves change color here like they do back home, but if they do, that will start happening soon, I think.

As I enjoy and admire this lovely fall day, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a proper shout-out to the summer that just was, my first summer in Dublin, and from what I’m told, the best summer Dublin has seen in years.

I am not a fan of heat, and the summers in Los Angeles could get really brutal.  Even without humidity, 105 degrees (that 40 celsius, to all my non-american buds) is just plain miserable.  And speaking of humidity, I hate that too.  My summer last year in Buffalo reminded me exactly how humid a northeastern summer can be.  Most days the air was so thick, it felt like I was swimming rather than walking.

Just like it never gets super cold in Dublin in the winter, it never gets super hot in the summer.  I think we probably topped out at 75 F (23 C) in the height of the summer – and for me, that was just perfect.  But what really set this summer apart and made it, as one of my Dublin-native friends said, “magical”, were the days and days and days in a row of sunshine, blue skies and no rain.

It kind of felt like Dublin couldn’t believe what was happening to it.  Everyone seemed to spend as much time outside as possible, myself included.  There were picnics in Merrion Square with my co-workers at lunch, walks along the canal on the weekend, hours sitting on my balcony reading and sipping wine.  It really was lovely.

And I could tell that all of Dublin was loving it as much as I was.  People talked about it constantly, marveled at it, grinned about it.  It was amazing to see people so truly appreciative of something as simple as a few sunny days.  In Los Angeles, the weather is nice all the time so one really does end up taking it for granted.  Here in Dublin, gorgeous weather may not be as commonplace, but when it does make an appearance it is appreciated and embraced and enjoyed.

Now, I’ve been told by everyone from co-workers to cab drivers that this summer was one for the record books, that it hasn’t been like this in years, and most likely won’t be like it again for many years to come.  I guess summers are normally wetter, greyer and colder.

I really, really hope that I will still be living in Dublin next summer, and if I am, I really, really hope it’s as amazing as this year’s was.  It was nice to see a city so happy and I think we, meaning Dublin, deserve that more often than once in a blue moon.



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