Destination: Copenhagen

One of the main reasons I dreamed of living in Europe for so long was because the rest of Europe would then be so close.  For the past 13 years or so, I have managed to travel to Europe at least once a year but all of those trips required lots of planning, not to mention money.  Now that I live in Dublin, I can get just about anywhere in Europe in three hours or less.  Over here, I can be more spontaneous about where and when I go somewhere.

Two friends of mine were doing a trip to Scandinavia in July and they sent me their itinerary to see if I might be able to join them anywhere along the way.  When I saw that their visit to Copenhagen was on a weekend, I didn’t even have to think twice about it. Sign me up!

We ended up being in Copenhagen for four days, which I think is the perfect amount of time.  I really feel like I had time to experience the best the city had to offer without completely exhausting myself – though my feet were plenty sore at the end of each day.

Copenhagen is a beautiful city. It reminded me a bit of Cologne and Vienna in terms of size and vibe.  I did find the Danes to be rather reserved. Perhaps I’ve become used to the Irish who are so, so friendly, but most of the Danes that I met were a bit cool and standoff-ish. And that’s fine.  Some cultures are less exuberant than others, doesn’t make one better than the other, it’s just different.  And wow, what a good-looking people.  I swear, everyone looked like Fleur Delacor from Harry Potter.

Our first activity in Copenhagen was a Segway tour of the city.  It was awesome.  I realize there is absolutely, positively no way to look cool driving a Segway but the thing is, once you master how to “drive” it, you feel cool.  It was a blast and I highly recommend it.  We went everywhere in the city and had an amazing guide communicating to us through the speaker in our helmets.

Me in all my splendid dorkiness.

Me in all my splendid dorkiness.

One of my favorite things about Copenhagen is Tivoli – an amusement park right in the middle of the city centre.  Me and my friends love rides so we were in our glory.  We went at night, so the park was all twinkly and the sun was no longer beating down on us. We rode everything – including the loop-de-loop roller coaster.  We screamed and laughed like little kids.  It was awesome.  And I’ve never experienced anything like it in a European city centre.  Tivoli really makes Copenhagen truly unique.

It's a lot windier up there than you might think!

It’s a lot windier up there than you might think!

We managed to fit a lot of other fun, interesting things into our weekend – a boat tour, a day trip to Kronberg Castle (known more popularly as “Hamlet’s Castle”), a special Viking exhibit at the National Museum and Rosenberg Castle.

"To be or not to be..." - Kronberg Castle, not too far outside of Copenhagen.

“To be or not to be…” – Kronberg Castle, not too far outside of Copenhagen.


Me, again in full dork mode, getting my Viking on at the National Museum.

Me, again in full dork mode, getting my Viking on at the National Museum.

Copenhagen isn’t Paris or Rome or London.  It doesn’t have what some might label “world class sights” like the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum.  I was still a bit surprised though that so many of my European friends have yet to pay it a visit.  I guess with so many great places to visit in Europe, Copenhagen might get lost in the shuffle, but it really is worth checking out – I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be happy to pay it another visit someday.



2 thoughts on “Destination: Copenhagen

  1. Shannon: I enjoyed reading about your visit to Copenhagen. We have not been to Europe so it is neat learning about it through the words of someone who is so excited to be living there. Enjoy your adventures. K

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