Dining out in Dublin: Fallon & Byrne

Those of you that know me know that I love wine.  So, it should come as no surprise that the wine cellar at Fallon & Byrne has become one of my favorite spots in Dublin.

Fallon & Byrne has a rather fancy restaurant on its top floor (€18 burgers) and a food hall on the ground floor where you can buy a box of Lucky Charms for €10.  But the wine cellar is surprisingly affordable (food ranges from €3.50 to €12.95) and makes for a really fun night out in Dublin – especially on Monday nights where you can buy any bottle of wine off the shelf and enjoy right there for only a €1 corkage fee.

Not surprisingly, the walls of the cellar are lined with bottles and bottles of wine.  And if you are there on €1 corkage night, the possibilities of what to try are virtually endless.  On one of my visits my friends and I made our way through three different Spanish reds – and there were only three of us at the table, you do the math. Even if you are not there on a Monday and don’t want to spring for the corkage, they have a nice selection of wines by the glass.

Now, while I am a wine lover, I am not a wine snob.  I’m happy to drink Two Buck Chuck if that’s what’s available (of course, if there’s an Opus One or Foxen that needs to be drunk, sign me up!). The Fallon & Byrne wine cellar is not a place where you must know your wines.  The servers are happy to give you suggestions or you can just wander and look at the walls and pick a bottle for no reason other than you like the drawing on the label.  This place is not pretentious or hipster or trendy.  It’s fairly casual and I find it quite cozy and welcoming.

Word of warning – while one obviously visits this wine cellar to enjoy the wine, do not forget about the food.  On that night of the Three Spanish Reds we really should have ordered more food to soak up some of the alcohol we were consuming.  They have all sorts of nibbly-type dishes to choose from – marinated olives, crostini with dips and of course, cheese and charcuterie plates.  And really, is there anything tastier than a glass of wine, some cured meat and a soft French cheese?  I think not.

The wine cellar at Fallon & Byrne has become one of my go-to places in Dublin.  If someone leaves it up to me to choose where to dine, chances are we will wind up here. And thus far, we’ve never been disappointed.


don't forget the food!

                     don’t forget the food!

The wine cellar at Fallon & Byrne.
     The wine cellar at Fallon & Byrne.



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