Walking on sunshine…

Today was a beautiful day in Dublin.  Quite possibly, the most lovely day weather-wise since my arrival in November. The bright blue sky was dotted with wispy white clouds. The breeze was gentle and refreshing. The sun shone so brightly that I actually had to put on sunglasses!

Irish and expats alike love to complain about the weather here in Dublin in much the same way Angelenos complain about traffic. I actually don’t mind the cool, wet weather here all that much. The winters are certainly nothing like what I grew up with in Buffalo. And, frankly, I grew to find “warm and sunny” in Los Angeles predictable and boring. But lately, even I have been bemoaning the rain and the cold.

And that made today that much sweeter.

When you can’t count on something regularly you are much less likely to take it for granted. Here in Dublin, we truly don’t know when the sun might next grace us with its presence. So, when it does pay us a visit it somehow means more. I think every resident of Dublin was outside today – sitting in the park behind my apartment watching the newly-hatched ducklings swim in the pond, watching the buskers on Grafton Street, enjoying outdoor seating at the cafes along Ranelagh’s main road…

Here in Dublin, we know to make a day like today count.  And that’s a good thing – because tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain.


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