Just leave it!

Those of you that know me, know that I am extremely organized and detail-oriented. When there was even a hint of this job in Dublin, I got a notebook and multi-pocketed folder and the planning commenced.  Even my to-do lists had to-do lists.

When the job offer finally came and the move had to kick into high gear, I was ready. International movers were already lined up and just waiting for the green light from me. Items that needed to be purchased were already on my amazon wish list.  Everything that I needed to bring was organized in my parents’ basement.

Make that, everything I THOUGHT I needed to bring.

I’m a well-traveled person.  I’ve moved around the US many, many times.  I thought I had done my homework about what would and would not make sense to bring with me to Ireland.  I thought I had a handle on what electronics would work, what wouldn’t, what I would need a converter for and all that.

Yeah, not so much.

Even with a converter, many of my beloved electronic items started to smoke and burn when I tried to use them.  I’m lucky that I didn’t cause all the power in Ranelagh to go out.

This makes me mad, mostly at myself.  I basically paid to have stuff shipped over here so that it can take up valuable storage space in my apartment.

The list of now useless items includes:

– Keurig coffee maker (tragic!)

– Keurig milk frother

– Vornado floor fan

– electric fleece blanket

– 2 table lamps

– Sony ipod dock

So, future ex-pats, my advice to you is when in doubt, leave it.  You’ll save yourself a lot of aggravation upon unpacking – and you’ll have an excuse to go shopping in your new home!




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