Where everybody knew my name…

A few posts back, I reviewed a lovely little cafe in my neighborhood called Door 51.  I went on and on about how much I enjoyed this restaurant, how it was the first place I felt at home in my new neighborhood, how the owner and waitstaff already knew me by name. Even after starting work, I made a point of going in there at least once a week. I loved the food. I loved the people.  I loved Door 51.

But as of this past Tuesday, Door 51 is now NoodleMee – an asian fusion restaurant and take-away.  Imagine Norm going to Cheers and finding a sushi restaurant in its place. That’s how I felt.  I literally started crying when I saw that Door 51 was no more.

At first, I was worried that the owner had been forced out of business.  Luckily, that isn’t the case.  NoodleMee has the same owner and waitstaff, so no one lost their job.  But I lost my neighborhood hangout.

I wandered into Door 51 during my first week as an expat.  I was very lonely and very worried that I’d made a huge mistake.  The welcome I got there made me feel better, made me feel like maybe I was going to be okay, and that made Door 51 a very special place to me.  And now it’s gone.

I’m learning that, as an expat, places like Door 51 are important.  They help make me feel more at home in this new city, they keep me connected to my community, they give me a place to go if I’m feeling lonely.

So, I’m actively seeking a new place to call my own – preferably one that serves american-style bacon..



6 thoughts on “Where everybody knew my name…

  1. That’s a total drag. I feel for you.

    That’s one of the many downsides to the sputtering economy. Early on, the dreck happily went out of business. Now it’s starting to sink even the good guys in white hats.

    I’m sorry, Shannon.

    But have faith. Wine night is coming.

  2. what an odd switch-up: from Door 51 with american style bacon to asian fusion noodles? did you get any explanation from the owner/wait staff about the change…that seemed to happen overnight? btw – did you try the noodles?

    • It literally DID happen overnight. That’s why I was so shocked! I haven’t been to the new one yet. Now it feels like i need to be dressed decently and have make-up on. Before, I felt fine sans make-up in a track suit. 😦

      • Hi Shannon this is Donna from Door 51 🙂 we are now noodlemee but same owner and same staff and you definitely don’t have to be dressed up to come join us 🙂 I hope you will pop in sometime to try our menu or just have a glass of wine and relax. Also I hope your new job is going well! Hope to see you soon. Donna 🙂 x

      • Hi Donna!

        So nice to hear from you – glad you found my blog. I definitely want to come by and see the new place. I miss you guys. I hope the new restaurant is doing well. And my job is great, thank you for asking. 🙂

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