There’s no place like home… for some things.

I’ve been in Dublin for a little over two months now, with one hiatus in Buffalo for Christmas.  I’m starting to get used to the way things work over here and trying to get used to what they don’t have that I wish they did.  But the fact is, there are some things that I really miss and seriously wish existed in Dublin.

In no particular order:

Target – There really is nothing you can’t find at Target.  True, you run in for shampoo and come out having spent $200 on stuff you never even knew you needed, but it is the essence of convenience. – I am addicted to – virtually anything I desire delivered to my door in two days, what’s not to love?!  Yes, they have amazon over here but it’s not the same.  It’s actually the UK site so there’s no amazon prime for residents of Ireland, the prices are in British Pounds and there isn’t nearly the selection we have in the US.

Crossfit – I have a gym membership here in Dublin and it’s a nice gym with good classes right in my neighborhood but I really miss the crossfit WOD’ing that I started in Los Angeles and continued in Buffalo.  I’ve never pushed myself as hard as I did in crossfit and I was really starting to see some results when I had to move.  There is a crossfit box here in Dublin but it’s in a not-so-great neighborhood and it’s really, really expensive.  I’m still hoping I can find a way to make it a part of my life again.

Wegman’s – I actually only became used to Wegman’s during my months in Buffalo right before the move but seriously, best grocery store ever.  Grocery stores in Europe are smaller and therefore have less of a selection.  Most of the time I don’t mind going to one store for the coffee I like, another for the best veggies and another for the best priced meats, but sometimes it’s a bit exhausting and I wish I could just saunter into a Wegman’s, fill my cart with everything I could possibly want and grab some take-away sushi on my way out.

Mexican food – I’ve found one good Mexican restaurant here in Dublin, but only one.  And there isn’t nearly the selection of mexican ingredients to cook with.  I’d kill for a can of green chilies.

These are first world problems, I know. And I don’t think it’s really a bad thing to miss certain things back home as I become accustomed to new things in Ireland.  When I am home for a visit and place an order with amazon, run to Target for conditioner before heading to my noon crossfit class and then pick up some green chillies at Wegman’s on my way home, I’ll appreciate all those things that much more.


6 thoughts on “There’s no place like home… for some things.

  1. Shannon
    What do you think of the Dunne’s store – I know it’s no Target but I thought you could find a lot of stuff in it?

    • I’ve been in a Dunne’s that was just a grocery store, but I noticed there is one on grafton street that seems to sell clothes and such. I wasn’t really aware that Dunne’s might be an option – thanks for the tip!

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