Christmas in Ranelagh

When it became clear that I would be moving to Dublin, I knew that choosing the neighborhood I would live in was going to be one of the most important decisions of the entire move.

I chose the village of Ranelagh for many reasons – it came highly recommended by people who know Dublin, I only have to go three stops on the Luas (tram) and I’m at St. Stephen’s Green (Dublin’s centre), it has everything I could need within walking distance, and frankly, it’s just adorable.  Ranelagh is the type of neighborhood in which I have always wanted to live but could never afford.  Here in Dublin, the perfect neighborhood is attainable for someone like me.

Last night was Ranelagh’s Christmas Tree lighting.  Normally, I would stay away from anything involving a crowd, but this sounded like fun – Christmas-y, village-y, fun.  And it was.  This wasn’t some Disney-esque tree lighting ceremony with a laser light show choreographed to Mannheim Steamroller.  It wasn’t even as elaborate as some of the Griswold-worthy house decorations one can find on any given neighborhood in the Greater Los Angeles area.

There were 200 people there, tops.  There was free mulled wine for the adults and hot cocoa for the kids, as well as mince pies.  I’m not sure what a mince pie is, but they must be delicious because by the time I got there, they were all gone.

There was a children’s chorus that sang just slightly off-key, the Ranelagh Singers who were really quite good, and of course, good old Santa Claus.  We counted down from 10, the lights came on the tree and that was that.

I loved it.

    Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!



6 thoughts on “Christmas in Ranelagh

  1. From what I remember mince pie is like shepards pie….I don,t like it bc things are touching each other but I ll def ask my mom for sure

  2. this is MY kind of tree-lighting ceremony. we lived in NYC for 8+ christmases working just blocks from rockefeller center where the big tree was lit every year…but you couldn’t have caught me dead there (cold, crowded, cranky folks). however, when i was doing the berlitz course, i loved coming out after my 3-hour 1×1 session and stopping in front of the rockefeller tree and getting in the christmas spirit. ; )

  3. Shannon I can’t tell you how much I love reading your blog. When I get the email telling me there is a new post I get so excited and will only read it when I can drop everything for just a few minutes to sit down and enjoy! I love getting a glimpse into your new life! Keep them coming!!

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