The Balancing Act

Whenever I’ve traveled to a foreign country, I make a conscious effort to immerse myself and try as much as possible to be a “local.”  Though I prefer wine, when I was in Prague and Germany, I drank the local beer.  When I was in Australia, I tried vegemite on my toast. When I was in Amsterdam… well, never mind.  The point is, when visiting a new place I like to venture outside my comfort zone, I go out of my way to avoid the things I can get at home.

Now, I am living in a foreign country.  Which technically means it isn’t a foreign country to me anymore.  It’s home.  One of the things I am learning as I make this adjustment, is that living someplace is far, far different from visiting someplace.

Were I just a tourist in Dublin, I would be avoiding the things I could get back in Buffalo or Los Angeles like the plague.  But now, in my current situation, many things I would have avoided now provide comfort.  It makes me happy that at any given time on any given day I can find a repeat of NCIS  or Criminal Minds on the telly, just like in the US.  The Timmy Ho’s coffee I got this morning was like a little hug from home.  I love that I can get my KPPC/NPR fix by streaming it online.

But I am walking a fine line.  I want to have some nice reminders of the US that make me feel happy and comfortable, but I also want to embrace the Dublin/Irish way of life.  I’ve been watching Ireland AM in the morning – no Today Show over here.  I don’t know who decided to make baked beans a part of an Irish Breakfast, but it’s a bloody brilliant idea.  And wow, Guinness is really a lot tastier than I imagined it would be.

My new life is a balancing act.  While it’s okay to allow myself some of the comforts of “home”, it’s also important that I find things in Ireland that I can grow to love and take comfort in.

A little taste of home, bought at the market just down the street from my apartment.


4 thoughts on “The Balancing Act

  1. Wait one minute …there’s Timmy Ho’s in Ireland now …you got to be kidding me
    I always knew I wanted to go back and live there some part of my life but now it will be sooner than I think due to the Timmy Ho’s …AMEN

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