I (don’t) Love LA.

It’s no secret to any of you that I am not a fan of Los Angeles.  I didn’t like it the first time I lived there and, though it took longer for the contempt to grow the next time around, LA’s second chance with me didn’t prove any more harmonious.

As I take in this beautiful new city, I find myself reflecting on what I don’t miss about my old one.  Of course, it goes without saying that I miss my friends terribly (shout out to Helen, Camela, DeeDee, Brenda, Minda, Eve!  Miss you! Love you!), but there is a lot about LA that just didn’t agree with me.

Most of these will come as no surprise to a lot of you:

1. DRIVING – I hated driving in LA with a passion.  It was a real strain on my mood and my sanity.  So far, it seems like I can get anywhere in Dublin with a combo of the tram and walking.  I’d rather walk for an hour than drive for ten minutes.

2. THE PACIFIC TIME ZONE – Strangely enough, being five hours ahead of everyone in Buffalo is keeping me in better touch with my east coast/Buffalo friends than being three hours behind everyone in LA.  In LA, by the time I got home from work everyone was in bed.  In Dublin, my niece can facetime me while my sister does her hair before school.  My sister can chat with me when she is on her way to work in the wee hours of the morning.  And between 8pm and 10pm in Dublin, I can catch up with my parents, my sisters and other EST friends.

3. THE POLITICAL CRAP – From what little I’ve seen of their morning and evening news programs, Ireland definitely has it’s own political “crap” to deal with but I am so very happy to be removed from the everyday partisan bickering that is such a mainstay in America now.  (BTW, yes I realize this isn’t strictly an LA dislike).

4. EARTHQUAKES – While it’s true that I didn’t experience any major earthquakes during this second time living in LA, I hated always having the possibility of an earthquake hanging around. I’m not sure what the seismic structure of Ireland is, but I’m fairly certain I don’t need to belt my televisions down or store my dishes in the lowest cupboards.

5. THE WEATHER – People in Los Angeles and Ireland alike will probably think I’m crazy for this one but I found the weather in LA to be utterly boring.  The leaves are turning color here in Dublin, you can smell fires being lit in people’s fireplaces.  I like having seasons.  I like wearing sweaters. From what I can tell it doesn’t get super hot or super cold here in Dublin, and I love that.  I may not be too crazy about the lack of daylight in these colder months, but the temperature suits me just fine.

This blog will eventually contain many other lists:  What I love about Dublin.  What I don’t love about Dublin.  What I miss about the US.  Maybe even What I miss about LA.  I’ve always been a list maker, don’t see why my blog should be any different.


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