Happy One Week Anniversary

Tomorrow marks my one week anniversary in Dublin.  It’s so bizarre to think that I’ve only been here for seven days.  It seems so much longer than that.

The truth is, I’ve been struggling the past couple of days.  I’m missing things from home.  I’m missing understanding how things work.  I don’t like the sausage and bacon here as much as the sausage and bacon in America.  First world problems, I know.  But still.

I’ve come up with a few reasons why I am having this struggle right now:

1. I’m in this in-between state where I’m not a tourist but I’m not truly living and working here yet.  I have three weeks until I start my job, until I begin a routine and see the same people every day.  I think once I have that, I will feel a little more settled and secure.

2. I haven’t worked out since my last crossfit class in Buffalo.  I know that this has an effect on my mood.  I don’t think crossfit in Dublin will be happening for a while, but there is a gym about two minutes from my apartment that I must join.  I need to sweat.

3. Small things in my apartment aren’t working.  The dryer isn’t working though my landlord claims it is.  My mailbox lock is broken.  I still have to get the remote control for the parking lot gate.  I know none of these things is insurmountable but of course, my mind tells me that they are never going to be fixed and therefore my life in Dublin is going to suck.

4.  I arrived in Dublin just as Daylight Savings Time came to an end, so it gets dark here early.  And that can be depressing when you are alone in a brand new city.  I’m sure I will absolutely love it when it’s still light at 10pm this summer, but I fear I may have a touch of the Seasonal Effective Disorder. (I can see my Dr. sister rolling her eyes at me right now.)

5. I have been alone with my thoughts for far too long.  I don’t really have any friends in Dublin and I’m scared that it’s going to be hard for me to make new ones.  But then I remember how I knew even fewer people when I moved to Orlando and my closest, dearest friends are the ones I met there. And I think about the new friends I made in the short time I was home in Buffalo (Bonnie, Nicole, Lisa, Jenn S. – I’m looking at you guys!) and I hold out hope that I will meet some lovely new friends here.

I have faith that I will feel better soon.  I know that this is a normal reaction to a huge life-change like this.  It would be weird if I didn’t miss my friends, family, and comforts of home, right?  And besides, you would all hate me if I just went on and on about how awesomely awesome my ex-pat life is.  So, know that while I am sure it will be awesome soon, there are plenty of speedbumps along the way.

I’ve been taking notes about my initial impressions of Dublin.  Posting on that  to follow soon…


19 thoughts on “Happy One Week Anniversary

  1. Miss you!! I know, as you do, that all things will come together soon. There has to be an expat group in Dublin…maybe you can look them up? I wish I could visit now and we could go exploring!! 🙂 Take care and enjoy!

    • Miss you, too! I actually found a bunch of groups through meetup.com. One of them is an American Expat group – just waiting for them to have a get-together. I think going to some stuff like that will help.

      I wish you were visiting right now too! Get a visit planned stat!


  2. I’m sure we would all have those same feelings if we were in a new country. It will all smooth out.

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  3. Shannon, you will be SO happy and will have a jolly good laugh at your newbie expat self when you look back at these posts in 6 months, 12 months, etc. When you are able to reflect and see how the Universe conspired for you. Yes, having the weekday framework of a job will help a lot. And you’re right again that you will meet new, cool people because past behavior and experiences are accurate predictors. You will look into your love’s eyes and think, if I hadn’t gone through my Irish baptism (in a manner of speaking) I would have never gotten here. I think that every time I gaze into Ian’s bright British blues. And getting to this chair across from him was no easy path, but it was surely an expat one.

  4. Treat everyday as a WOD. Chin up, give it your all, and you will come out on top! I understand the “alone with your thoughts” thing but you are a strong and independent woman and I know you will be fine soon. Treat everyday as an adventure! Have fun and keep positive. I know you can do it! Miss you WOD buddy!

  5. can you send pics of your new place? i’ve only seen the one of your new neighborhood (which is adorable and super Irish, by-the-by). also, tell us more about your new apt: 2BR? windows/light? what floor?, etc. maybe i’ve missed all of this in an earlier blog posting, but i’ve been buried under training on health care reform and open enrollment.
    miss you mucho!

    • Hey doll!

      I’ll post apartment pictures once I’ve made the requisite IKEA trip. A lot of people have been asking. It’s small but it’s a 2 bedroom. Lot of light. 3rd floor, which they call the 2nd.

  6. Definatly start going to the gym a great sweaty workout always makes me feel better. Hang in there! You are living out your dream! Miss you!

  7. You’re not suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You’re suffering from Person Affected by New Irish Condition (PANIC). The best treatment is remembering that every dream worth dreaming is tested by a few nightmares. Nothing you are doing is irreversible. But the same cannot be said about living with the regret of having not tried it.

    I know you’ll be busy tomorrow with the official move into your apartment, but I think you should throw your sneakers on and go for a short run. Lose yourself in your eclectic playlist and enjoy the scenery.

  8. You are so missed here, but I know it will all come together for you. You are brave and have conquered and overcome much worse than this. I am sure in another month you will be telling us about all the great happy hours at the new pubs u are going to with friends from work. You should go to a local book store see if they have any advertisements for local things going on or book club, it is a start to meeting people. Love ya!

    • Thanks Alex, I miss you guys a lot too. I think being home for so long, I got used to having all of you around. Everyone here is soooooo nice, I’m hopeful that I will make some good friends in time.

      love you!

  9. We miss you too! Once you start work you’ll get into a groove! Also, I know you’ll soon make friends…You’re a gem and people there will love you!

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