A slow boat to Dublin…

The movers came today…

Everything I own in the world is now on a slow boat to Dublin.  Well, really it’s on a truck to get weighed and then it will be on a truck to the consolidators at the port in Elizabeth, NJ and then it will be on a slow boat to the UK where it will hopefully pass through customs without any additional problems or expense and THEN it will get on another boat that will hopefully arrive in Dublin sometime in January.  Hey, NYC peeps, you know all those huge shipping containers next door to the Ikea?  Yeah, my stuff is going to be on one of those.  Talk about a needle in a haystack.

A big move like this can be hard on a control freak like myself.  I have no choice but to trust that the moving company I hired will do its job, and in turn, all the sub-contractors they’ve hired will do their jobs and that my stuff will arrive safe and sound in Dublin.

Of course, in the end it is just stuff.  But still, I’m paying, well, a boat load of money to get that stuff to Dublin so I do want it to arrive safely and quickly.  And some of that stuff I do personally consider “priceless”. The scrapbooks of my international trips (many taken BEFORE the advent of digital photos), the painting of the Eiffel Tower that my dad did for me – these things may not have huge dollar values attached to them, but they mean the world to me.

Truthfully though, I make this move fairly unencumbered.  The stuff that I deemed worth moving from Los Angeles to Buffalo, and then again from Buffalo to Dublin pretty much fit on the ping-pong table in my parents’ basement.

I just hope my stuff doesn’t get lost among the larger shipments of other people’s stuff with which my stuff will travel.  But I must release this part of the process to the universe and trust that it will all be okay.  There are so many other things for my control-obsessed mind to focus on…

Everything I own in the world fits on the ping-pong table in my parents’ basement.


2 thoughts on “A slow boat to Dublin…

  1. good job, my friend! i am super impressed, but not al all surprised. this is so exciting for you and i can’t wait to see how all these worldly possessions fit perfectly into your dublin flat come january. great way to start the new year. XOXO

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