Onward and upward…

Most of you reading this post probably already realize this, but just in case you’ve missed my obnoxious facebook posts about it – I’M MOVING TO DUBLIN!!!!

After 18 months spent getting my Italian Citizenship and another year working on getting a job, I am finally going to realize my dream of living in Europe.  It’s pretty mind-blowing for me.

I’ve started this blog for a few reasons:

1. I’ve searched the web without success for a blog that truly describes the ins and outs of ex-pat life from an American’s perspective.  I’m hoping to make this blog the one I was searching for and maybe giving some other ex-pats a few pointers along the way.

2. I thought this would be a fun and easy way for my friends and family to keep up on what’s going on with me.

3. Most of you know that I’m a writer, and while I’m learning how to live and work in Dublin, this blog will at the very least keep me writing.

So, that’s it in a nutshell.  If you are at all interested, please consider “following” me.  And feel free to pass this blog along to anyone else you think might find it interesting.

And BTW – some of you may have noticed that the picture in the header doesn’t really look like Dublin.  Well, it isn’t.  It’s Amsterdam.  I’ve never been to Dublin so I don’t have any pictures of Dublin.  Please excuse the slightly dishonest placeholder until I can snap some pictures of the real thing.


11 thoughts on “Onward and upward…

  1. I’m so happy for you. Great idea! Yeah, life overseas is magical, but it also comes with plenty of drawbacks. Enjoy every up and down!

  2. Shannon, You are a role model for us all to use for inspiration. I look forward to reading of your expereinces and wish you all the best of luck with this new adventure. I’m also jealous that you have a picture of Amsterdam as that is my dream ex-pat adventure myself.

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